A 30-Day Challenge
Designed to Daily Build
Your Mental Toughness!

At the end of this 30-Day Challenge...

You’ll develop a bulletproof mindfulness routine and tap into quieting the mind.

You'll set and have a clear direction to reach your own goals.

You'll challenge yourself to accomplish simple, but not easy, daily tasks.

You'll experience how shifting your focus will completely enhance your life.

Here's what you get...

Daily Challenges
for 30 Days

Challenges so you do the little things that will build your mental toughness

Exclusive Access

So you can remain in contact with the important people in your life

Finally, a step-by-step strategy that will completely change the way you live!

There's a way to build your mental toughness and reach that next level. I guarantee it! 

My name is Dr. Rob Bell and my passion and expertise is helping others with their mental toughness. 

Watch the stories that inspired the mission!

Yes, life is a competition.

Just because life is a brutal competition, it still does not mean that we ALL can't be successful.

The way out of the Scare City is to enhance our own beliefs and adopt and take ownership of the Abun Dance.


That’s why, NO ONE Gets There ALONE was created.

The Abun Dance is the simple, but not easy belief system that there is enough.

It shouts that we all CAN be successful and just because that person gets their piece of the pie, does not mean we can’t get ours as well.


The Abun Dance shifts our focus to a life of significance not just success.

Everyone of us is designed to do the abun dance — The  connection with others. Helping each other. We need others…

The Abun Dance is meant to be with others!!

A special transformation occurs when we focus on others while also improving yourself. If we can help enough people reach their goals, then we will reach ours.

Here's how it works...


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A traveler happened upon an old man in the street. Anxious to rest his feet, the traveler hailed the old man to talk for a minute.

"What kind of individuals live in here?" asked the outsider.


"Well, what were the people like where you came from?" answered the old man.

"They were awful. Troublemakers actually.  The most childish individuals on the planet, and not a one of them to be trusted. That's why I left."


"...walk away from the conversation rejuvenated and ready to tackle the next opponent!

"There are some people you encounter in your life, professionally and personally that truly approach the world and the issues that need to be solved with a unique perspective. Rob Bell is one of those individuals. Rob is an exceptional applied consultant who infuses research-based knowledge with practical insights, helping people become the best they can possibly become. He is able to marry humor with intelligence in a way that makes you feel like you've learned exceptional lessons sitting around the dinner table with a close friend or favorite coach and walk away from the conversation rejuvenated and ready to tackle the next opponent! His books are a must for anyone interesting in understanding the psychology behind...well, life!"

- Kerrie Kauer (Research, Strategy, Education)

“Instrumental in me having my best year...”

“Dr. Bell has been an important addition to my team in 2016 and definitely instrumental in me having the best year of my career thus far. I look forward going even further in the future”

- Rajeev Ram (2016 Olympic Silver Medalist)

"So Many Great Endings"

"So many great endings in Dr. Bell's The Hinge, because one had the mental toughness to endure, move forward, press on.”

- Chuck Pagano (Former NFL Head Coach Indianapolis Colts)

"Dr. Bell understands our Mental tendencies..."

"Dr. Bell understands our Mental tendencies and weaknesses. As such, he has the ability to challenge us to also understand and to encourage us to take the risk of failing to great successes.”

- Kevin Swaidner (Division President, Irving Materials Inc.)

"..focused better on the things in my control"

“Thanks to Dr. Rob Bell, I focused better on the things in my control and have him to thank for my Gold.”

- Toby Stanley (National Champion)

The Benefits of the 30 Day Challenge

The way you do anything is the way you do everything… 

This is not a quick fix! This is a solution...

NO ONE Gets There ALONE focuses on making a Better YOU and a Better US.  Everyday you’ll receive a challenge to complete and you’ll transform yourself in 30 days. You’ll move into abundance and become of significance.

DAYS 1-10

  • Introduction to NO ONE gets There ALONE.
  • How creating a Better YOU and a Better US. Becoming a leader and improving your own team or organization.
  • Step by step process of how to do the abun dance and transform you away from that infectious scare city.
  • Focus on Five people will drastically enhance your relationships, purpose, and significance.
  • You'll focus on a 30-day goal personal to you and your performance.
  • You'll learn to develop a bulletproof morning routine for improved focus and rid yourself of any time wasters.

Days 11-15

  • Develop instant confidence by applying Step by Step confidence script and how to give that away to others.
  • Perfect and apply your bulletproof morning routine.
  • Apply the sacred 5:1 positive to negative ratio in all of our daily activities.
  • Focus on Five people will drastically enhance your relationships, purpose, and significance.
  • How to let go of resentments and the toxic relationships.

Days 15-28

  • How-to dethrone the negative self-talk.
  • Tackle the daily mental toughness challenges presented for a Better Us and a Better You.

Days 28-30

  • How being to finish every single task. Finish the game.
  • How to sustain all that you’ve applied.
  • Answer the question “Would you stop?”
  • Do the abun dance. Rinse & repeat the routines and strategies that you’ve developed into the following 30 days.

Are you up for the challenge of Building your Mental Toughness?

Let’s face it, it might not be for you. And that’s totally cool. If it’s a fear thing, you can overcome that personal objection. There will be daily challenges and times of uncomfortability. You’ll get to focus on the five crucial relationships and this takes effort. It’s okay if you have the lone wolf mentality - the belief that you do not need anyone else. BUT, if you do not want to move out of SCARE CITY, then it’s probably not for you.

The 30 Day Challenge might NOT be for you if...

  • Video games are your strength in life
  • You take too much pride in your Netflix binges
  • You spend way too much time on the couch
  • You don't want to be the BEST at getting BETTER
  • You're just surviving and comfortable not thriving
  • You simply accepted the pain and setbacks

I'm Ready - Bring it on Coach!


30 Days to Mental Toughness


  • Complete access to 30-day mental toughness challenge
  • Access to the NO ONE Gets There ALONE Community.
  • Participation in 3 weekly private webinars.
  • Exclusive Access to relationship app.

Secure Payment.


30 Days to Mental Toughness


  • Complete access to 30-day mental toughness challenge
  • Access to the NO ONE Gets There ALONE Community.
  • Participation in 3 weekly private webinars.
  • Exclusive Access to relationship app.
  • One 30-minute personal 1-1 coaching call.

Secure Payment.

30 Days to a Better You AND a Better Us

It will keep you accountable for the next 30 days to push through the mental barriers that we all face.

  • You'll get 1-1 coaching directly from me.
  • You'll see the strangest way out of your own head and problems is through others.
  • It'll teach you the simple way to improve your own confidence and how to give that away to others.
  • You'll learn how to let go of past resentments of others and yourself that will free you up.
  • You'll have private access to three (3) webinar calls with me over the 30 days.
  • You'll get mentally tough in 30 days and that skill will last way beyond when this challenge is OVER.
  • You'll gain access to exclusive app, Eleven52, that will make focusing on others much, much easier.

7 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

My 30 day Mental Toughness Challenge comes with a 7-day refund policy, so if you do the work and you don't see an improvement in your relationships, (or happiness) then I'll refund your investment. So, if you’re on the fence, buy it and get to work. If the strategies don’t work for you, I’ll make you get a refund.

Dr. Rob Bell