Day 4

A Better YOU

The 1st hour of the day sets the rudder for the rest…

The next few challenges to a Better YOU has to do with establishing a bulletproof mental toughness morning routine.

This bulletproof morning routine will be progressive. One step at a time, but it will build upon itself.

One of the 1st mental toughness challenges of this month and the 1st competition is against yourself every single day…

It’s when and how you wake up!


Every successful person has morning habits and repeats these habits. Getting up early and starting the day is key.

Now, you’ll decide what is early, but for this month, tomorrow!

Challenge 4: Bulletproof Morning Routine

Step #1

Wake 15 minutes earlier.

Okay, If you are already a 5:00 am or earlier riser, then stay with your regular time. It’s cool. Anything later than 5:00am, wake up 15 minutes earlier.

Step #2

Do not hit snooze, get up immediately.

But, be sure that you rise immediately.

This is the 1st challenge of the day!

That’s it, if you did it. You win the first challenge of the day…

Step #3

If not, what kept you from doing it?

Tired, lazy, went to bed too late the night before?

I can’t answer this for you, you have to be brutally honest with yourself. If you struggle with this, then assess why and make the commitment to do it.

Good news is that this continues for the next 26 days. Start tomorrow…