Day 1

What’s in the 30-day challenge?

EVERY DAY for the next 30 days, you’re going to receive your mental toughness challenge.

Each day alternates between:

  1. Creating a better YOU
  2. Creating a better US.

(one day, you’ll focus on others, and the next the challenge will be to focus on yourself.)

A Better US and a Better YOU

What is scare city & what is the abun-dance?

Scare City

  • Is the belief that there is a shortness of supply. There is only ONE winner, so it HAS to be you. If there can only be one winner, then everyone else must be a loser! If my colleague gets a raise, it means that I can’t get one as well.

  • If my teammate or partner gets it, then it means that I won’t.

  • Marketers do this technique ALL Day long which is why it works. They Pray on scarcity. (Limited supply, act now, only so many spots remain.)

  • Living in scare city means that we need to get ours and because someone else is successful means that there won’t be enough for me and mine.

  • We live in Scare City and it’s why we are poor. 

Why we live in Scare City

The message from scare city is the message that you receive daily, hourly, minute-by-minute…

We do not develop and do the abun dance naturally. Not at all, we all have been and still are taught about living in scare city. (There can only be one winner or If it’s to be it’s up to me).

Living in Scare city causes severe anxiety and major panic! We isolate, become caught in a never ending cycle of not enjoying life and even if we do measure up, it’s not for very long. It becomes more of “what have you done for me lately.” The performance cycle…

Unless, you make a change here, the anxiety and fear will stay present and you’ll remain poor.

The Abun-Dance

  • Is the belief that there is a large quantity for everyone. In life, Everyone CAN be a Winner. Everyone CAN be successful.

  • In the United States, the fundamental concept was built upon the Pursuit of Happiness.

  • It doesn’t mean Everyone WILL be successful, but everyone CAN be.

  • Just because someone has success does not mean that you can’t be successful as well.

  • True success means rooting for EVERYONE.

Why focus on others?

Focusing on others as long as the motivation is genuine and sincere, helps out you as well.

There is simply no way we can help out someone else without helping out ourselves as well.

Only by focusing on others can you:

1) Do the “Abun-Dance” mindset.
2) Increase your significance and fulfillment.
3) Get outside of our own head.

We need to become intentional and diligent about focusing on others so we can enjoy the abun-dance.

Along the journey toward becoming mentally tough, there will be setbacks and others will most likely let us down.

That’s why it’s called mental toughness, not mental cruise-along in life with no issues.

Challenge 1: Focus On The Five

Step #1

Write out 10 people inside or close to your business who have helped you either in sales, a direct client, provided advice, was a close mentor, introduced you to someone, OR someone who reports to you or a colleague.

Narrow this list to 5 of the most important people to focus on. These relationships who you want to improve.

These are five people who you’ll address throughout the 30 days.

Make sure these are people outside of your already established friendship.

Step #2

Send them each a quick email, text, call, or note reminding them to have a great day, be confident, or stay persistent.